Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Write your air carrier TODAY!

Please take a minute to convey your concern regarding our passing of our 4th amendment to be secure in our person.

"Dear Southwest:

Southwest has been our airline of choice in flying from BWI to Nashville, Indianapolis, and Chicago. Most, if not, all of our trips have been for family gatherings. My wife and I are concerned about the enhanced security measures at many airports. We have several trips planned, but we have no intention of going through nude imaging or intensive secondary screening. Please, insist on some decency for us and your other customers!"


Dear Michael,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns regarding the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

It's important to explain that the implementation of imaging technology is solely determined by the TSA and not by the airline. The TSA has a responsibility to ensure the security of the traveling public. However, they also recognize that there is a delicate balance between privacy and security; therefore, imaging technology is optional for all passengers. Please visit the TSA’s web site for more information (including locations where imaging technology is currently being used) regarding this screening method.

Again, we appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts. Should your future plans require air travel, we hope we will merit your consideration.


Edna, Southwest Airlines

[Jefferson to S.W.]

Dear Edna:

Thank you for responding to my progeny's concern.

There is nothing "delicate" about attracting attention to the fact that a person values his or her 4th amendment, by shouting, "Opt-out! We have an Opt-out!", and then proceeding to examine a person's crotch and buttocks. What is '"optional, the nude photo, or the feeling-up of a person's privates? How about neither?

Maybe if enough people stop flying, Southwest will tell these "blue shirts" to back off. Until then, I'll suggest, that all who value individual liberty hold tight to what is remaining of, "being secure in one's person...."

Thomas Jefferson

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Toni L. said...

Mike, great letter! I just got my "preferred traveler's" card from JetBlue and intend to follow suit.